How to make the most of a buyers’ market?

Tue 13 September 2022 | 12pm – 1.15pm | Barangaroo

If you have been ready and waiting eagerly to get your foot into the property market, it’s time to look beyond the surface.

Buying and selling environment have changed significantly in 2022 and in affect, has cooled an overheated property market. This means that we’re seeing a power shift towards buyers who can now capitalise on more favourable buying conditions.

We live in a world where petrol is $2.00/litre and our children know how to RAT themselves. The average price of property across Australia is $752,000 which is 11 higher than 12-months ago. The RBA has lifted rates over consecutive months, yet values have only cooled moderately, not nearly enough to close the gap to make housing affordable for everyone.

With a growing number of households and rental pressures rising, there is a great need for investors to continue to provide housing, especially in areas flourishing with employment and lifestyle.

Join the team from Active Property Investing (API) at Barangaroo and live streamed, for this Property Session topic: How to make the most of a buyers’ market? at 12pm Tuesday 13th September 2022.

During the session we’ll share:

  • An introduction to understanding the property market
  • The 3-things you need to start investing
  • Key questions you need to ask when choosing a property

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