API’s Investing Made Simple Series

‘When, What and Where to Invest in Property’

Tuesday 10th October 2023 | 12pm – 1pm | Barangaroo

Explore how property can serve as a robust vehicle for wealth creation, even in today’s challenging economic climate. With the right knowledge, guidance, and a strategic approach, you can unlock the potential of property, as a key component of your financial journey.

Join the team at API for a small group workshop at Barangaroo this October. We’ll discuss topics such as, when is it a good time to buy, what to look for in an investment and where should we keep our eyes open for opportunities.

During the session we’ll discuss:

  • How to capitalise on current market trends,
  • What characteristics improve resale and rent appeal, and
  • Where you can find opportunities to invest in 2023.

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Emma Allen, Director – Active Property Investing

Emma Allen is a best-selling author and founder of Active Property Investing (API). She leads a passionate group of consultants and property professionals who are recognised for their high standards in research and customer service. This award-winning team empowers everyday Australians to develop their financial literacy so they can invest in property with clarity and confidence. API won the coveted Service Excellence WSABE Award for Western Sydney and was featured in the Australian Business Journals ‘Top 15 Property Experts to watch in 2021’. Emma is passionate about financial literacy and shares her practice approach to help people from all walks of life build wealth through property.

Chris Newell, Senior Property Consultant – Active Property Investing

Chris comes from a finance and real estate background, with over 13 years’ experience. He specialises in investment properties and has extensive knowledge within the industry. Chris has helped and supported a range of professionals with their investment property purchase during his career and understands that every client’s needs are different. Chris has a great passion for helping Australians achieve their investment goals and walking them through their property journey. He takes great pride in his work and gets great pleasure out of going over and above for every client, resulting in building long term relationships with them.


Active Property Investing (API) is an award-winning service that helps everyday Australians accelerate their wealth through property. By helping buyers build their financial literacy and understanding of investing fundamentals, they can evolve into strategic investors that make well informed decisions.

API is a professional research service that offers time poor investors a streamlined approach to planning, finding, and acquiring quality investments. By supporting the critical success factors, new and experienced investors can strategically grow portfolios across locations with clarity and confidence.

API’s dedicated team is recognised for its customer centric approach, adaptability through changing markets and its high standard of quality across its operations. This has made API a unique service and a lifelong partner in investing.

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