Property & Pizza Night

‘How to accelerate wealth through property investing?’

Wed, 24 May 2023 | 6pm – 7.30pm | St Leonards

If you think you have missed the boat, then think again!

Property values, on average, have doubled twice in the same period where average wages have only doubled once. It doesn’t sound fair when majority of the population is earning their wealth through a job. BUT what if you could find a way to get your foot on the property ladder and have an asset like property driving your wealth.

It could mean the difference of retiring independently or struggling on a pension. For others, it might be a choice to give equity to help their children with deposits for their own homes. Or it’s simply a way for your hard-earned cash or leveraged equity to reap you with more financial rewards.

The challenge is often ‘how’ to get started.

Join the team at API for a small group workshop this May. We will discuss property as a wealth creation vehicle and have a practical discussion about what you need to invest and how to capitalise on opportunities in 2023.

API Property & Pizza Night
‘How to accelerate wealth through property investing?’
Wednesday 24th May 2023
6:00pm – 7:30pm
St Leonards NSW

During the session we’ll discuss:

  • Patterns of growth in the Australian property market,
  • The 3-things you need to start investing, and
  • Key considerations when selecting an investment property.

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