“I couldn’t stop crying when I met them”

As people passionate about property and helping others, it was fitting for Active Property Investing to support the incredible work of Global Village Housing a social enterprise changing the lives of Cambodian people one family at a time.

We caught up with Samantha in early February as she was preparing for her next expedition to erect more sponsored houses for unexpecting families. Samantha Townend is the Director and head campaigner of GVH in Australia and hearing of her expeditions is not only inspiring but often heart wrenching as she reveals just how personal and emotional her mission is.

Sam writes to us from Cambodia
Monday 22/2/2016

“Good news, we actually just purchased a tiny bit of land for some families. It was so cheap, so we are very lucky, Here are the photos of the grandmother and grandson I would love to be your family. I met them in December and to be honest, it was probably the hardest visit for me. At the time the granddad was there too, in a very bad way. We couldn’t get much help for him, we tried and gave them all the spare cash from our pockets. He passed away less than 2 weeks later. I couldn’t stop crying when I met them.

The Monk was there the other day with Jason (founder), he said it was great to see them again and the other sponsor we have will be supporting the grandmother’s other daughter & her family- she lives next door. This grandmother has had a really tough life and now to give her security and her grandson a better future will be a huge life changer for them both. The grandson’s parents work away to try and help with money, so that will be great for them to be able to come stay too. I will be able to send you the full story on them when we interview them, this time I think I will be smiling a lot 🙂 And maybe some happy tears too.”

Our new house will be erected and gifted for this family on Thursday. We’re incredibly excited, humbled and honoured to be able to give them the safety and security of a home. A small gift on our part and a life changing gift for them.


The purpose of this Blog is to share in the journey of our charity partners Global Village Housing as they travel to remote parts of Cambodia gifting homes to the poorest of the poor.

For every property purchased via our service we donate
a small component of the marketing fee to building more houses with GVH.

To learn more about their work visit: