Our Team

Meet our team.

Active Property Investing (API) is an award winning service that makes investing easy and achievable. The team at API is a passionate group of property professionals with decades of experience, extensive skills and industry experience across property investment, research and organisational development.

Each member plays a role in helping you navigate the ever-changing property investment environment to create a less stressful journey with optimal outcomes. Despite our diverse range of skills and backgrounds we share a common goal to empowering every day Australians to succeed with property.

Emma Allen

Emma Allen, best selling author, Director and Principal Consultant of Active Property Investing, spearheads our team of talent. Emma combines her passion for property and enthusiasm for collaborating to streamline the process of helping average Australians to start and grow their investment property portfolio.

Emma has worked with some of the most reputable property investment companies in the industry, assisting clients from across Australia and overseas. But it’s her personal experience of how property can accelerate wealth creation and dramatically change people’s lives that motivates her to specialise in this field.

Emma established API to bridge the gap between thinking about investing, to actively driving wealth creation.

Kathy Jarvis Active Property Investing

Kathy Jarvis

Kathy Jarvis, our Principal Researcher, specialises in performing the due diligence on all aspects of property locating and purchasing. Kathy utilises the API framework that allows us to consistently put forward only the best possible investment property options based on select criteria.

Kathy has previously worked for other Australian-wide property companies as Head of Research and also as a Facilitator delivering investment property research programs to investors. She is very passionate about property and has built a successful personal property portfolio built on the same fundamentals & techniques as she provides clients.

Jana Abesamis

Jana Abesamis

Jana Abesamis is our Client Services Manager, who takes the pain out of the paperwork. As you’d expect, Jana is highly organised and adept at handling meticulous data and turning it into useful information.

Jana project manages the property acquisition process, covering all the essential elements. Drawing from her extensive experience working with mortgage brokers and property agencies, Jana believes that no investor should be intimidated or hindered by complex requirements.

Jana is passionate about property investing and believes that anyone can do it with the right help and guidance, something she loves to deliver to API clients.

Love Pascual

Love Pascual is our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, who supports our sales team and drives initiatives to engage both our clients and partners. As an experienced graphic designer and administrator, she ensures that the latest market trends and property openings are communicated and distributed so that you are not left searching for all the information presented in the media.

As a former advertising professional, Love understands the importance of having a strong team supporting you as a property investor. She believes property investments can create a strong and stable legacy for you, your family, and future generations.

Ros Ronning

Ros Ronning

Ros Ronning has spent more than 30 years as a specialist in the Organisational Development, Learning and Development and Human Resources arena. She works in partnership with API to provide a broad range of services, including executing strategy, executive coaching and training and development for our staff.

Ros utilises her expertise and experience in assisting API to plan and implement performance management practices including mapping purpose, vision and values, as well as formulating strategic plans to achieve business objectives in times of change.

Chris Newell

Chris Newell

Chris is a Property Consultant with API who has worked in the Banking industry for almost 10 years, having started his career in Ireland at a young age and transferred to banking in Australia 5 years ago.

Chris has a great passion for helping clients achieve their investment goals and walking them through their property journey. He also gets great satisfaction from going over and above for his clients and building long term relationships with them. Chris’ aim is to help as many clients as possible, earn their trust and respect and give them peace of mind that they are in good hands.