Pandemic times are making way for new aspirations!

by Emma Allen
One thing that the pandemic has done is make us ‘pause’ and re-consider our priorities. We scrutinised our budgets, found ways to get just about anything delivered to our door, and had time to think or talk with our partners about things we had put off like: refinancing for a better interest rate; planning for retirement; buying a home; or investing in that property that you’ve been talking about for years.
Despite the initial media frenzy, Australian property values have remained resilient throughout the pandemic. Record low interest rates and multiple government incentives have set the scene for many first home buyers and first time investors to enter the market.
The aspirations of buyers at this point in time, is to get a foot into the market.
Some of the challenges that first time investors face is working out what their budget can buy, what vital questions to ask, how to calculate all the costs, and identify the risks and unknowns. Getting a foot on the property ladder now, gives you more options in the future than doing nothing at all, but it needs to be done with clarity and precision.
If you know someone you have inspired, or if you’d like an update on the market, join us at the next API Webinar at 6pm Wed 26th August where our team will share insights on ‘How to become a property investor in 2020’.
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