Time and time again we hear investors talk about family and friends who don’t quite understand why they are investing or have an opinion as to what and where they should be investing.

Over the years we’ve seen many investors choose not to talk about their growing portfolios to avoid having to explain and sometimes justify what they’re doing time and time again.

Perhaps it’s because only 7.9 of the Australian population own investment properties. We are the minority so it’s no wonder why many people have misconceived ideas about investing. Or perhaps they’re unaware of just how achievable property investing actually is?

Furthermore only 1.42 of Australians or 18 investors own two or more properties. And 0.42 of the population or 5.5 of investors own three or more properties.


Despite the number of properties doing something to contribute to your wealth creation gets vastly different results to doing nothing.

There are many ways to save or invest your money and it’s interesting to see the comparison and results. Each option has different levels of risk, reward and involvement. However, it’s clear to see that the power of leverage has a significant impact to accelerating wealth creation.


We are all an example of just how achievable property investing is. Most of us work long hard hours, we’re dedicated to our jobs but we want to ensure that our hard earned money is going to create a more comfortable life in the future. It’s likely that many of our colleagues, family and friends want something similar.

In the past year we have worked with investors from 24yrs to 60yrs of age so it’s clear that investing can achieve objectives for people with different priorities and various phases of life.

Well done and Hooray to you for taking action!

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