Our Services MOB

We provide our service at no cost to you. We believe that this process must be first and foremost about the investor. It is part of our ethical approach to share our knowledge and help you understand the investment. As licensed Real Estate Agents we receive a marketing fee when a property is purchased. The difference is that more than 70% of properties we review are not put forward as recommendations. This is because our research team undergoes a rigorous culling process to ensure that the key questions are asked, and critical information is obtained. Only properties that meet this strict criteria are put forward by the research team. We believe in longevity and that a win for a client is a win for us. It is therefore our goal to create options and opportunities for investors to thrive.

As an investor, you’ll experience our service in the form of an Initial Consultation, Property Research and Review or Ongoing Support. Our newly approved projects are exclusively released to our ‘Active’ clients. Talk with a consultant today to receive the latest opportunities.

Initial Consultation

  • Get a clear picture of your situation and objectives
  • Understand key property concepts and property affordability “cash-flow”
  • Align with your spouse or partner
  • Identify your property search criteria and prepare to review

Property Research and Review

  • Review opportunities that suit your property search criteria
  • A comprehensive report on the location and property is provided
  • Personalised cash-flow to give you a practical view of owning the property
  • Make a business decision and not an emotional one

Read more about research process

Ongoing Support

  • Assistance throughout the purchase process
  • Connecting with property professionals e.g. solicitors, property managers
  • Prompts for final settlement
  • Building your portfolio

Web Consulting

Take advantage of our web-consulting platform and access our service from across Australia and overseas. Our consultants can provide the same service and support to assist you. Call 1300 449 974 for more details.