One of the most important ingredients to successful property investment is staying informed.

Active Property Investing offers complimentary educational events and webinars for new and experienced investors, corporate partners, as well as our existing clients. If you’re interested in learning how easy it can be to invest in property or are in need of a refresher, register below for one of our upcoming property investment education events.

‘The key to success in today’s property market’ Webinar

Wednesday 27 October 2021 | 6pm – 7:15pm | Via Zoom Webcast

The Australian property market has come a long way in the past twelve months, proving critics wrong and experiencing a shift in what we value and our way of life. Short-term fluctuations and uncertainties that comes with dealing with the pandemic or being in lock-down are just that, short-term. Housing remains resilient as an asset and being such a high value asset, it holds its worth as a long-term investment.

The challenge remains that prices continue to lift, albeit at a more subdued rate to earlier this year but scarcity of land remains an issue. How do you then succeed in a market that is changing and challenging?

To invest with clarity and confidence, you need to prepare and have an understanding of the environment that you are investing in. 

Join the team from Active Property Investing (API) for ‘The key to success in today’s property market’ Webinar at 6pm Wednesday 27th October 2021. During the session we’ll discuss:

  • The current state of play across the east coast of Australia,
  • What buyers need to consider when selecting a property, and
  • What helps a buyer succeed in a fast-moving market.

To register click here, or scan our QR Code, by Monday 25 October 2021 to join us.