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Lendlease & API

International Women’s Day 2024 –
‘Women in Property: Starting Small and Dreaming Big’

Lendlease API IWD 2024

Panel of Presenters

Emma Allen – Property research & investing (Active Property Investing)
Sharon Bae – Lending specialist (Artemis Finance)
Elaine Stack – Real Estate Consultant (Elaine Stack Real Estate)

Session overview:

In alignment with the 2024 IWD theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ this Women in Property session aims to do so in the area of wealth and conversations about money. For too long the gender pay gap, breaks in work for family and many other disruptions can impact a woman’s financial capacity. It’s time that we open the conversation and create our own way to forging financial independence.

Be a part of the conversation and hear from the ‘Property Boss Mums’ podcast hosts, as they openly share their expertise and experiences on how to start small but dream big when it comes to wealth creation. To register, fill in the form below:

    Property Boss Mums


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