One of the most important ingredients to successful property investment is staying informed.

Active Property Investing offers complimentary educational events and webinars for new and experienced investors, corporate partners, as well as our existing clients. If you’re interested in learning how easy it can be to invest in property or are in need of a refresher, register below for one of our upcoming property investment education events.

Webinar: ‘The Great Australian Dream’ of property ownership

Wed, 16 Feb 2022   |   6pm – 7.15pm  |  Via webcast

For generations, the great Australian dream of property ownership brings with it a sense of pride and achievement that your hard-earned cash is safe in some bricks and mortar.

If you have been watching the market over the past 12-months, you will have seen how a stake in property has significant financial rewards. On the flip side, trying to get into a moving market can be disheartening when property values rose by over 22%. Leaving many people wondering if the goal property ownership had slipped out of reach.

The good news is that ‘the great Australian dream’ of property ownership is still alive. It may just have to be done a little differently.

It could mean casting your eyes beyond suburbs or cities that you might typically look, or in markets where your dollar is going to stretch further? It might mean considering becoming a rentvestor where the tenant and the government’s tax breaks pay the property off for you, while you continue to rent in the area you enjoy living in?

There are lots of different ways to get your foot into the market but what’s important is that you get started. January is natural time to be thinking about goals so it’s time to explore what might be possible. To invest with clarity and confidence, you need to prepare and understand the environment that you are investing in. 

Join the team from Active Property Investing (API) at the February Property Webinar: ‘The great Australian dream of property ownership’ at 6pm Wednesday 16 February 2022. During the session we’ll discuss:

  • The current state of play across the east coast of Australia,
  • The 3-things you need to start investing, and
  • What buyers need to consider when selecting a property.

To register, email before Monday 14 February 2022.