Getting your foot into the property market

by Emma Allen

If you think that buying your first property is daunting, you’re not the only one!
Whether you’re a first time investor or looking to purchase your own home, many people find property buying stressful and overwhelming. Firstly, because there’s a significant amount of money required and secondly, we’re human, we just don’t want to ‘make a mistake’ let alone a half-a-million dollar one.
Over the last two months, we’ve seen a surge in first home buyer activity and first timers. We’ve all had time to think and reflect on what’s important and it looks like getting a foot into the property market is on that list.
Even with the desire to buy, taking a giant leap of faith doesn’t help any home buyer or investor. There needs to be some logic on how you find, analyse, and decide the types of location and property you want to purchase. Fortunately, you have our team at Active Property Investing (API) to help you map out the way.
One of the biggest differentiators between a new and experienced investor are the questions they ask. For property professionals like API, it’s an even more in-depth analysis but we’re willing to share all the independent research so you can start to understand what makes a location thrive or dive.
It’s a very balanced market of supply and demand at this point in time, and those who are in a position to leverage equity or purchase have a chance to take the first step.
Engage with our experienced consultants and researchers who have helped hundreds of busy Australians prepare, find, and purchase sustainable properties across the eastern seaboard. It all starts with a conversation about ‘how’ you invest and finding the elements that will work for you.
You’re likely to benefit from a discussion if you… 

  • Are time-poor,
  • Unsure of how to invest,
  • Want low maintenance and maximum tax benefit,
  • Are first home-buyers wanting to build and obtain maximum FHB incentives,
  • Want well researched and quality property options, and
  • Want a dedicated team of experts to support you throughout the entire acquisition.

Getting your foot into the property market takes some thought and planning but it’s absolutely achievable!
To book a complimentary consultation, call Emma on 0405 735 931 and start the conversation. 

“API has been informative and supportive in guiding myself through with my investment property.  Always keeping me up to date, answering my many questions along the way and overall providing reassurance in what can be a daunting market with questionable companies who do not have the clients best interests in mind. I can highly recommend API for future investors and would have no hesitation in using their services again.” – Chris
“Emma and her team really went the extra mile to help us with the purchase. Always very responsive to our inquiries. I feel truly valued as a customer and highly recommended then to anyone particularly, time-poor working professionals.” – Dan
“Being our first time investing, it was very important to find the right people to work with. The team at Active Property Investing have been exceptional to deal with, keeping us constantly updated throughout the whole process. Thank you to all the team!” – Karen