Planning for property success in 2021

The momentum of the Australian property market has carried over into 2021 like an express bus down a freeway. There’s a stream of keen first home buyers, perhaps a little disheartened that the prices didn’t fall by 10-30 like the doomsayers predicted during Covid, but now moving with haste to get a foot it.

The conditions to invest in 2021 are looking promising with low interest rates, government incentives weaning out, business getting back on its feet and an increase in consumer confidence. The level of property market activity leading into the Christmas period is a good measure of what is about to come.

So how does one step foot into a flowing market?

With or without you the property market will continue to move. It ebbs and flows and overtime it grows. The key to property success is not about jumping in a panic for fear of missing out. It’s about planning and preparing yourself to make well informed investing decisions that optimise your success as an investor.

The key to property success is planning for it.

Navigating the investing landscape can be overwhelming, daunting, and quite confusing. When you understand what you need to focus on, you can proceed with clarity. This February, we are welcoming new and experienced investors back into our St Leonards office for a Property Wine & Cheese Night on Wed 24th February.

This relaxed session is a chance to meet and talk with our team of experts and learn about:

  • Property trends leading into 2021
  • The 3-things you need to invest
  • How to identify properties for rental performance and growth

The beginning of 2021 brings a fresh-start and a chance for us to re-set our goals and determine what we want to achieve. Get ahead by planning for property success in 2021!

Limited number of spaces for a Covid-safe environment!

RSVP at by Monday, 22 February 2021 to join us.