API makes ‘The 15 Australian Property Experts to Watch in 2021’ list

WOW! We made The Australian Business Journal’s ‘The 15 Australian Property Experts to Watch in 2021’ list.

We have pulled through one of the most unusual years in business, and one for the history books. To be recognised in this category is a true testament to the grit and determination of our team and your unwavering support. Thank you!


The 15 Australian Property Experts to Watch in 2021
1st July 2021   |   5-minute read

“There has been increasing interest in the property industry in recent years, with just over 10 of everyday Australians owning a 2nd home as an investment property. There is a lot more to the property industry than this though, and many more ways for people to begin building their property portfolios. Whether you’re a first home buyer, developer or seasoned professional, Australia’s vast property industry has something to cater to each individual’s wants and needs.

Every successful property investor knows that buying an investment property or development takes time and resources to find the right deal to fit their investing strategy. The following 15 Australian Property Experts have each made an outstanding contribution to the Australian property industry, collectively shaping all disciplines within the property sector from buyer and vendor advocates, commercial and residential developers, to design, finance and property marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about various property markets, or finding the right professional to work with, then look no further. Below we outline the 15 Australian Property Experts to watch out for in 2021.”

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