Property investing against the odds: How 3 everyday Aussies did it

By Emma Allen

We meet people from all walks of life, at Active Property Investing, and we’re thrilled to be able to help them get their foot on the property ladder. We do this by taking a personalised approach to understand every person’s current situation, goals and finances, to help them make the most of what they have.

Many of them have the odds of property success stacked against them from the outset. Families, single people, those who are recently divorced, those who are new to the workforce, and those who have been working 30+ years… this is just a snapshot of the types of people striving to get into the property market.

We help lots of everyday Australians to confidently step forward into the property market, and there are some investors who could have easily given up but persisted.

As a result, these investors have catapulted themselves ahead of their peers. By exercising discipline with their money, and consistently taking steps towards achieving their goals, they’re setting themselves up for a financially freer future.

We’re privileged to be a part of that journey and to see how they grow from knowing very little about investing, into confident investors who end up owning multiple homes, is one of the highlights of my work.

On that note, I want to share some recent stories about investors who have been able to successfully dive into the property market, even when it would have been far easier to give up.

Family with young kids

In a very relatable story, this family with two children lived in Sydney and while they aspired to be homeowners, achieving that dream seemed out of reach. With the cost of Sydney properties at an all time high, they opted to rent within their desired school zone and invest in a property where they could afford.

As rentvestors, they’ve been very successful – in fact, they’re about to secure their third property. Best of all, they’re reaping the benefits of property ownership in terms of owning real estate assets that will grow in value, whilst still enjoying living in their preferred Sydney suburb.

Young female investor in her 20s

We had a young woman in her mid-20s come to us. She was ready to buy her first property with the support of her parents as guarantors, but at the last minute, her parents got cold feet and withdrew.

Many would have simply walked away from investing at that point. But instead, she used the small deposit that she had diligently saved and asked the question: “What can I buy with this – can I still invest?”

With our help, she found a new location on her modified budget and she was able to move forward with her investing plans. She became the owner of a three-bedroom investment property just before Christmas, and she has plans to continue adding to her portfolio in the future.

She was a key inspiration for me writing the ‘Women and Property’ eBook, as she succeeded against the odds. It reminds me of another inspirational woman…

Recently divorced and starting again

We met with a new client – a young woman who had recently divorced and was looking at her options. She was contemplating whether to buy a home or invest in property when she came to us for advice.

Together, we worked out what her budget was and we helped her buy a property just outside Sydney. Not just any property, but a duplex, which she built and enjoyed an increase in value once it was completed.

Her story is actually a really powerful reminder that sometimes, our biggest setbacks in life can mean starting over in a brand new way. With this one property purchase, she was able to set herself up for her new life, starting on the front foot financially, with an abundance of options and choices ahead of her.

These are just some of the people we’ve worked with recently, and they really clearly show that investing in property in not just a “rich person’s game”. Almost anyone can invest in property, with the right strategy and plan in place. If you’d like to know what your options are to get on the property ladder while the market is hot, contact our friendly team today on 1300 449 974.