There’s more to identifying a viable investment property than the price and postcode. Our team of experienced researchers are looking for fundamental factors that drive demand for growth and optimise rental performance. We have to look beyond the surface and ask the tough and sometimes less obvious questions!

As professional property researchers we can ascertain information and assess opportunities at speed. We can identify trends and simultaneously watch locations along the eastern seaboard. It’s an involved but vital process to find properties worth considering, but one that will save you, the investor, valuable time and money.

To achieve this, we designed a research framework that scrutinizes the opportunity at a macro and micro perspective across three levels of quality: Quality of the builder/developer, location and leading indicators, and drill down to the characteristics of the property. In the last twelve months our research team has only approved 17 of the properties and locations we investigated, rejecting 83 in the process.

If you’re unsure of what questions to ask, where to look or what to look for, the team at API utilise their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to help ascertain the key data to help you make informed decisions.

With the support of our collaborative and experienced team of property experts, you will become better equipped to invest within your means and shape your financial future.

Our culling process involves three stages:

  • Quality of the builder and/or developer
  • Quality of the location
  • Quality of the property’s characteristics

Types of properties we work with

Our busy clients are looking for low maintenance, high quality properties and locations with optimal tax benefits so we therefore focus on properties where ‘you are the first owner’. There are misconceptions about new properties, but when done correctly, they make for a great sustainable investment where you can even manufacture your own cash-flow and capital by building duplexes or dual-occupancies. Finding properties that can retain tenants and an investment that suits you is paramount, so we have a diverse offering and price points to match each investors unique requirements:

  • House and land packages
  • Boutique townhouses and apartments
  • Duplex and dual-occupancy
  • SMSF (self-manage-super-fund) properties
  • SDA (special disability accommodation) high yielding properties done ethically
  • City, suburban and key regional centres

Ready to get started?

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  2. We invite you to a complimentary first consultation, to talk in more detail about what you need.
  3. At the second consultation, we present you with our selection of properties which have gone through our meticulous selection framework. These have been shortlisted based on the information you shared around your preferences, goals, and perimeters. If we have made a successful match, our team will support throughout the acquisition process so you can purchase with less stress and optimal outcomes. We make it easy and simple.

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Example properties

The below properties represent a small sample of what we offer. When you work with us, you’ll be given a curated selection of recommended properties based on your needs, wants and goals.

House & Land

Units & Townhouses