Our Process

What really makes the Active Property Investing service unique is our individualised approach and strict property selection framework with an absolute focus on finding you an ideal investment property for your needs.

People who invest have made a conscious decision to grow their wealth, and property is an investment vehicle that’s easy to understand because it’s relatable. People from all walks of life invest in property. Different age groups, professions and backgrounds.

Our team brings a fresh attitude to property, and our approach creates an environment for investors to thrive. We understand that each individual, couple or family has a unique situation, preferences, budgets and timeframes so our ‘3-step Investing Process’ helps to customise and support you as much or little as you need. We have helped make property investing easy and achievable for many busy people. Generally, people in the following demographics have sought our service. Each with hurdles to stop them from investing but ALL with the determination to set aside a little bit now for greater returns, options and flexibility later.

Investing is about making the most of what you have!

When you meet with us, together we’ll:


Plan and prepare for your property investment so you can act with clarity and purpose,


Access properties that have been personally screened and scrutinised by our experienced research team, and


Purchase with confidence, clarity and our expert support to manage the process.

We will only recommend properties that have been through our culling process, which rejects over 90 of properties assessed. This saves you considerable time as you review the best properties on offer, through the lens of our rigorous framework.

For us, proof in the pudding is in the eating. After almost a decade in the industry, Active Property Investing has a growing list of satisfied clients and corporate partners who are well on their way to achieving their property investment goals.