3-tax time tips from an Accountant: timing, accounts & structures!

Following our article last week about getting your financial affairs in order well before 30th June, we’ve got more insights from key professionals that will help you think strategically about your investing.

This week, our guest writer is Dorin Bentley from Bentley & Co. She is a CPA and experienced business consultant, who is an avid investor herself. Accountants who understand investing at this strategic level do more than process your tax return, they become an integral part of your investment planning, timing of your purchases/sales, structures, and a key person in your wealth creation team.


Top tax tips for property investors before the end of financial year

By the time July rolls around, a new financial year has begun and people start thinking about getting their tax affairs in order. But I’m keen to let you in on a secret: the best time to think about your tax is before June 30. Why? Because it means you have time to squeeze in those final deductions before the tax-time cut off – so you don’t have to wait another full year to claim the refund.


5min snapshot of the property market!

We’ve seen a lot of change over the past twelve months, in ways that we had never expected. The property market has done more than held steadfast, it’s helped bring back confidence and become an avenue for people to set their sights on investing for their future.