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The Key Factor Driving Property Prices in 2023

What an interesting year it has been in property. As interest rates rise, our clients were understandably curious and concerned about the implications for their financial well-being and investment. But we sawRead More…


Building Smart: The Key to Resolving the Rental Crisis

Exciting news! Once again, our groundbreaking efforts to address the rental crisis have gained media recognition. This time, we’ve been featured on Auspreneur, a renowned platform for entrepreneurial success stories and industryRead More…


Launch of Property Boss Mums – Podcast and Community

The Property Boss Mums Podcast and Community has officially launched, and it’s here to support and empower you every step of the way.


Hot off the press: API Article on YAHOO Finance!

We recently featured on Yahoo Finance to talk about ‘Building Wealth Through Property Investment: The Importance of Valuable Property Research’. For many years we have set our own high benchmarks on what factors areRead More…


Money habits that may raise lenders’ eyebrows

We are even more money conscious now that the RBA has dished out 11 rate rises. The question is ‘what can we do’ to improve our situation. Our friends at The LoanRead More…


The significance of Greenfield suburbs – H&L QLD!

Greenfield sites in our cities play a vital role in establishing new communities. Recent data from suburbs that started as a greenfield site, provide interesting insights as to what these suburbs evolveRead More…


‘Women in Property’ Empowering Financial Independence and Ownership

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and the ongoing work towards gender parity. In March 2023, API in partnership with Lendlease Community Hub hosted a ‘WomenRead More…


How API is helping women leverage property to grow their wealth

Did you know the fastest-growing demographic in Australia is single women aged 50 years and over? It’s actually not all too surprising, when you consider that women who find themselves in thisRead More…