Celebrating a remarkable journey that began in 2014, when visionary entrepreneur Emma Allen founded Active Property Investing, to bring an ethical investor centric service to the real estate industry. 

“During these years, we believed that when we empower people, through knowledge, information and support, this benefits everyone. Our commitment to ethical business practices and sharing valuable knowledge isn’t just good for our clients – it’s a key factor in our own success story.” 

Let us take you through the key milestones and achievements of the past ten years, showcasing the vision, innovation, and commitment that define our growing company.

Established in February 2014, Active Property Investing started as a valet service aimed at assisting busy individuals in planning, finding, and succeeding in property investing. Emma founded API to make it easier for people to move from just thinking about investing to actively driving wealth creation. It’s all about bridging that gap in a way that’s both conversational and professional.

A year later, the range of properties that we were handling grew to Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. This year also marked a significant ‘Giving Back’ initiative as we gifted the first house in Cambodia through the Australian social enterprise, Global Village Housing (GVH), setting the stage for a commitment to positive social impact.

In 2016, it was a year of growth and innovation for Active Property Investing as we achieved a milestone by constructing our first duplex in QLD worth $546,490. A feat that we knew would be impossible to recreate in years to come. Simultaneously, we released our first eBook, providing valuable insights and practical tips to aspiring property investors.

In 2017, after helping investors build over 100 properties we hosted a major fundraiser black tie event to sponsor a school build in Cambodia, emphasising our dedication to education and community development. An unconventional Giant Monopoly board showcased our team’s ingenuity to engage in fun and learning. 

The next year further marked a new chapter in our company’s growth as we established our home base – the API Office in St Leonards. In the same year, we also built our second school in Cambodia, showcasing a balance between business success and social responsibility.

We take corporate responsibility seriously. In 2019, we launched the “Kids4Cambodia” initiative with the aim to make a positive impact on children’s lives. We also launched the “Investing Made Simple” series which is a FREE property investing series of workshops on current trends and essential tips on wise investing.

In 2020, the year brought notable achievements, including the launch of Online Consulting, winning the WSABE (Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence) for Service Excellence, and the release of a best-selling business book. “Back Yourself” is an Amazon Best Seller, about encouraging women to step up, overcome self-doubt and believe that they are capable of achieving their dreams! Featuring API founder Emma Allen, in collaboration with other leading Australian business women across diverse industries.

API 10 Year Journey

2021 was a very impactful year for us as we we’re part of the “Top 10 Property Companies to Watch” and earned the accolade of having another Amazon’s best selling book this time for Emma’s philanthropic work, “The Women Changing the World”. 

In the following year, we were very happy to have received the Gold Ausmumpreneur Award! Ausmumpreneur is Australia’s #1 Community for Mumpreneurs. It was humbling to receive national recognition for the hard work and dedication of a team who endured and adapted to a lot of change in the short post-covid period which impacted the construction and housing industry greatly. 

In 2023, entering the digital realm, we launched the “Property Boss Mum,” podcast. In collaboration with Sharon Bae of Artemis Finance, and Elaine Stack of Elaine Stack Real Estate, Property Boss Mums is a podcast that delves into the world of property, finance, careers, and the art of surviving motherhood. 

And now in our 10th year in the business, 2024 is a year of ‘Vision for the Future’. Active Property Investing’s vision for 2024 involves embracing technology, expanding its offerings, and ensuring integrity in all aspects of business, with a focus on providing an enhanced customer experience.

Watch this space for what new advancements we can bring to the space of ‘growing and building’ property portfolios. Invest in property so that you can ‘shape your financial future’.

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