Morton Bay has been a great source of opportunity for locals and investors alike and it has finally been recognised for its size and economic vibrancy. Here’s why. 

Positioned as Brisbane’s primary northern growth hub, the Moreton Bay Region is gaining recognition for its lively population growth and a flourishing economy that’s on the rise. Stretching across serene beaches, bays, rainforests, and hinterland, this region, the third-largest local council in Australia by population, seamlessly blends business with lifestyle. Adding to the excitement, Moreton Bay Region has now been officially declared the City of Moreton Bay!

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has achieved a significant milestone, officially transforming into The City of Moreton Bay. They’ve successfully navigated through robust conditions, reaching a population of 25,000, with 15,000 residing in the city center, and maintaining a population density of 150 people per square kilometer for three consecutive years. This not only changes the name but symbolises growth, development, and an improved quality of life for the residents in this thriving city. The council’s commitment to exceeding these benchmarks underscores their dedication to enhancing Moreton Bay as a vibrant place to live and work.

“Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government Steven Miles referred a request from the Moreton Bay Regional Council to the independent Local Government Change Commission for assessment last year. The Change Commission concluded its assessment and recommended the change proceed.

The Deputy Premier has recommended the change for consideration by Governor-in-Council, with the change likely to take effect before the end of 2023.”

By 2036, the Moreton Bay region’s population is expected to reach 620,000 people. With evolving industries and ample employment opportunities, the Morton Bay Regional Economic Development Plan aims to boost its focus on high-value industries, exports, and innovation, to create a $40 billion economy by 2041.

Moreton Bay provides a compelling case for investing, but it still requires care and attention to decipher which sections of the region to focus on. To learn more about the pockets of opportunities that the API team is finding, please enquire via the ‘Get Started’ page.

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