International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and the ongoing work towards gender parity. In March 2023, API in partnership with Lendlease Community Hub hosted a ‘Women in Property’ panel discussion at Barangaroo that was live streamed across offices in Australia.

The panel featured three prominent women in finance, property, and wealth education – Sharon Bae, finance specialist (Artemis Finance); Emma Allen, property research and investment specialist (Active Property Investing); and Elaine Stack, property management and renovations specialist (Elaine Stack Real Estate).

During the session, the panelists discussed the importance of property ownership for women. They acknowledged the disparity between male and female property ownership, with only 26.6 of properties owned by women, compared to 29.9 owned by men. However, they noted that there had been an increase in the number of females purchasing property since 2020, and they hoped to encourage more women to become financially independent through property ownership.

The panelists then discussed the role that education and information could play in helping more women become property owners. They shared their insights and expertise in finance and property investing, giving attendees tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of buying and creating income through property. They emphasized the importance of securing a deposit, researching the market, and understanding the risks and rewards of property investment.

Throughout the event, the panelists shared personal stories of their experiences in the property industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that women face. They spoke about the need for more female representation in the industry and encouraged women to pursue careers in property.

The event ended with a Q&A session, with attendees asking the panelists questions about their experiences and seeking advice on their own property journeys. The panelists were generous with their time and knowledge, providing thoughtful and insightful answers to all the questions.

The International Women’s Day 2023 – Women in Property session was very well received. The attendees left with a greater understanding of the opportunities and some next steps in how they can start their own journey with property. With more events like this, we hope to see more women becoming financially independent through property ownership in the years to come.

See you at International Women’s Day 2024!

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