Did you know the fastest-growing demographic in Australia is single women aged 50 years and over?

It’s actually not all too surprising, when you consider that women who find themselves in this situation may have had great careers or may have been out of the workforce raising children; they may find themselves getting divorced, or they’ve never quite found the right one to settle down with.

Either way, instead of despairing about their situation, they’re empowering themselves and stepping onto the property ladder on their own.

This trend of ‘empowering yourself financially’ isn’t limited to just this demographic, though. At API, we’ve noticed this growing trend across lots of age groups, from young professionals getting their foot on a ladder without wanting to wait for a partner, through to older women who are closer to retirement, and who want to get there in the best possible financial position.

We’ve worked with many of these women who have gone on their journey alone and built wealth through property and its so inspiring to celebrate with them when they reach such a significant milestone.

For instance…

  • Rhianna rebuilt after a divorce

Rhianna is a single mum who took her divorce settlement and reinvested it into property, wasting no time to rebuild her wealth and independence. She’s now planning her second investment with a goal to create passive income.

  • Jess bought 2 properties in 3 years

Jess is a young professional who, when we first met, had been trying to invest in property for over three years. She found it really difficult knowing what information was reliable and exactly who she should trust, and she was anxious about making what felt like an enormous decision by herself. With the support of our team, we were able to help her build her first house, which generated enough equity upon completion for Jess to invest in a second property just three years later. As a young independent woman, she is well on her way to being financially secure.

  • Alyse invested in property in her 20s

Alyse had a goal to own her first property by the age of 30. After diligently saving a deposit, Alyse worked with us to source a location that aligned with her aim to balance affordability and cashflow. Her house has increased in value by over 50 since she bought it, making her a handsome profit in equity, and opening doors to other investments and opportunities.

All of these women, and the many other clients we’ve helped over the years, have different goals, budgets and incomes, but they share one common denominator: they wish to improve their financial situation and grow their wealth through property investing.

Property ownership is as much about stability as it is a pillar of wealth. It’s encouraging to us that despite the disparity between female owners (26.6) and male owners (29.9), there has been an increase in the number of females purchasing property since 2020.

Whilst wages and our ability to secure a deposit plays a big part in our ability to buy property, we also have to wonder…

What if education and information could also contribute to more women becoming financially independent?

We’d love to help empower, educate, and inspire even more of you to follow in these footsteps!

Meet the Women in Property at API at one our office events in St Leonard’s like the upcoming Wine & Cheese Night. Or join us for an International Women’s Day panel, as we collaborate with like-minded professionals to inform and educate you on how to leverage property to get ahead.

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Note: Client names have been changed for privacy reasons.