*Important for QLD Landlords – Have your say before 22 April 2020*

by Emma Allen


QLD is on the verge of legislating COVID-19 policies that will adversely affect Landlords. The Real Estate Instituate of Queensland (REIQ) is lobbying and we need to ‘Have our say’ prior to these changes being heard when parliament sits on Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

Some key changes we oppose are:

  • Your tenant/s not having to pay back rent during COVID-19
  • You cannot ask your tenant/s for any proof of financial hardship
  • Your landlords insurance will not cover you for rent in arrears

To read the REIQ summary of changes click here

BELOW are the simple steps to copy and paste a letter to the Palaszczuk Government to stop landlords having to foot the bill for rental defaults during COVID-19.

In the meantime, Joel Davis, MD of Image Property Group explains the current situation in QLD with some practical tips for landlords on how to handle the situation click here to view the 4min clip.


Statement from the REIQ read more

Everyone matters in real estate – that’s why it’s important everyone is recognised equally when it comes to the Palaszczuk Government’s COVID-19 residential property proposals. For landlords in particular, now is the time for your voice to be heard.

As the peak body for real estate in Queensland, The REIQ supports the need for tenant protection during COVID-19 however, we are fundamentally opposed to some of the proposed measures. You should be too. As a landlord, you will ultimately foot the bill if changes are not made to proposed amendments in their current form.

Whether you’re a landlord or real estate supporter, all it takes is a few simple steps for change to take place:

STEP ONE: Copy paste the below template letter into an email.

STEP TWO: Insert your name at the end of the letter in your email.

STEP THREE: Copy and paste the following subject header into your email: Urgent Review of Special COVID-19 Residential Property Protections

STEP FOUR: Copy and paste Premier Palaszczuk’s email address into the recipient area in your email: thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au

STEP FIVE: Press send.

The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

Premier of Queensland,

Department of the Premier and Cabinet,

1 William Street,

Brisbane QLD 4002


Urgent Review of Special COVID-19 Protections for Residential Tenants and Owners

Dear Premier,

As one of Queensland’s investment property owners, I am writing to express my serious concerns in respect of your Government’s proposed Special COVID-19 Protections for Residential Tenants and Owners (“Renter Protection Package”). I implore you to reconsider aspects of the Renter Protection Package and to create a more balanced and fairer framework that provides better protection measures for both renters and property owners like myself.

While I support the protection of tenants who are in financial distress due to this pandemic, the scope of the Renter Protection Package is too broad in its application. I am calling on your Government to amend the following aspects of the Renter Protection Package:

  • Introduce rent deferrals rather than permanent rent waiver rights for tenants. This aligns with the Federal Government model and framework adopted/being adopted in other jurisdictions;
  • Introduce a minimum income reduction threshold for tenants to meet before they qualify for the protection measures. In New South Wales, a 25 income reduction requirement applies;
  • Introduce a standard requirement for tenants to substantiate a rent reduction request to allow landlords to make properly informed and fair decisions about rent reductions;
  • Introduce clear guidelines on property entry requirements, and broaden the range of activities allowed to continue, subject to applicable safety and hygiene protocols;
  • Remove the proposed break lease right that allows tenants to simply walk away from tenancy agreements with only 1 weeks’ notice notwithstanding that those tenants are afforded all the other protections provided under the Renter Protection Package; and,
  • Remove the proposed automatic right to a 6-month tenancy agreement extension which in effect introduces a 12-month moratorium in Queensland with the consequential imposition of permanent rent waivers that would be extended over this additional period.

As a property owner, I am also entitled to be supported by special regulatory protections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your Government’s proposed protections ignore my rights, take away my ability to derive critical income and take away control over an asset I’ve worked so hard to acquire. I strongly urge your Government to reconsider these damaging amendments, in favour of protections that offer a better balance of security and stability to property owners and tenants alike.

Yours sincerely,

<insert name>

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