Trust and experience – your secret weapon to a successful property investment

Recently, we were very fortunate to be named as one of 15 Australian Property Experts to Watch in 2021 by the Australian Business Journal.

This is a great achievement for us as a business, as it recognises our position as trailblazers in the property world.

Our goal has been to change the way people interact with a property company. We operate with a real ‘people first’ mentality, but we’re also driven by a strong sense of right and wrong, and we let the facts and figures dictate the way forward.

For instance, did you know we only recommend properties that have been through our strict and specific culling process? This means we review and reject around 83 of the properties we assess.

You’ll never see us recommend a property that we wouldn’t personally invest in ourselves. It’s this focus on quality – from quality of customer service, to partnerships, through to the quality of the location, and the competitive aspects of the property – that sees us continue to gain recognition in the industry.

A proven track record for property success

This recognition from the ABJ is the icing on the cake for us after a challenging but prosperous couple of years, where we’re carved out a space in the property industry as a professional service that has won multiple awards for excellence, culture and customer care.

We have a proven track record and finely tuned method to help busy people invest successfully, and we’re having a real impact on everyday Australians as a result.

More than a decade of experience in research gives depth and breadth to our research, and has helped us develop of reputation for delivering reliable market insights and accurate trends analysis in a range of different markets.

When we work with people to show them what’s possible when creating lasting wealth through investing in property, we walk them through our 3 proven steps that can help anyone move from “wanna be property owner” to “successful real estate investor”.

After more than a decade in the property industry, including periods of booming conditions and economic challenges, we’ve been buying and managing the process with our clients in all kinds of markets. This has allowed our team to develop a deeper understanding of the strategy of investing, so we can provide a personalised approach to help each individual, couple or family.

Our reputation for quality and service was acknowledged last year, when we were thrilled to win the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE). We were recognised for our resilience and adaptability to the changing environment. It was a challenging time for all, yet we upheld our reputation for service excellence and won this award.

At Active Property Investing we are committed to servicing investors in a way that achieves high customer satisfaction, and has clients coming back to grow their portfolios. If you’d like to learn more about investing in property and tailoring a wealth creation strategy to suit your personal needs, contact our friendly team today.